Diabetes…it’s serious, so Manage It Right!

Mayor Rob Kurt: …I understand Mom, but you really need to stay on top of it.
Mom (on phone): Sweetie, Don’t worry I miss insulin doses all the time and I feel just fine
Mayor Rob Kurt: And that’s what I’m afraid of. You feel fine NOW, but what happens when it all catches up to you and you DON’T feel fine? I can send you reminders to Bolus if you’d like me to


The fact that many diabetics have been diabetics for years and still don’t grasp the concept of management is ridiculous in itself. Me personally, I have been a diabetic for almost fifteen years now, and I must admit, I did have my rebellious stage where candy was my best friend and insulin, at the bottom of my to do list. Not until recently, with the realization that I had nine months to develop a resilient fetus and deliver a healthy baby, did I decide to change my attitude towards my disease.

My A1C (three month blood sugar average) was, at one point in the double digits, when it should have been roughly seven. The decision to bring a child into the world changed my entire perception. Instead of seeing diabetes as an inconvenience, I now look at it as the reason I eat healthier, pay attention to my weight, and steer clear of junk food.

Don’t get me wrong. I do get a sweet tooth every now and then, which is perfectly normal. But, with the extra sweets should come extra insulin, or coverage. Not to say that you can just eat whatever you want, take insulin, and expect to live a full, healthy life. But, then again, even a “normal” person cannot overdo the high sugar, salt, or fatty foods without risk of complications.

Diabetes is nature’s way of keeping the human body regulated–a way to make the mind pay more attention to what is being ingested. The decision to pay attention to the body’s signals is up to the educated individual. It is a well known fact that healthier bodies live longer, are stronger, and feel better in general. But, if that jelly doughnut is more important than maintaining normal blood sugars and a healthy lifestyle, who am I to criticize?

See It For Yourself:

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