Mom: To work, or not to work, THAT is the question

Rockie Vara: All this women working, women rights crap, pssshhh! Who’s raising the kids?
Steven Vara: dude, you’re only 16 and without a family of your own
Rockie: women shouldn’t be doing anything but staying home & watching the kids
Steven: you know, a woman’s happiness might not be tied into just ONE factor such as raising kids…
Rockie: Yeah Whatever dude, next thing you know your wife will be growing a beard! (lol)
Steven: great, another generation of bigots…”growing a beard” (wtf)


This is the age-old battle of whether or not Mom should go to her job or stay at home. Well, lets get this straight… BOTH are WORK. Raising a family into productive human beings and truly making everyone’s life as happy as possible is a tough task. Then when you throw on a 9-5 job on top of that, DAMN. Life can be pretty hectic either way.

There are plenty of women who see their Careers as their only sense of self-pride and accomplishment. So when this is taken away to watch the children, you might be in for some major problems at home. These women should realize that their FAMILY is just as important as their own personal career goals.

Likewise, there are plenty of men who see their wives/spouses/girlfriends as simply a baby-making, house cleaning, dinner cooking, kid-watcher. No bueno, not good at all. There’s a little thing called RESPECT that must be used here. A woman is entitled to her own happiness and desires as well.

So what do we have here… a nice term I like to call COMPROMISE! Yeah, I said the “C Word”. It takes a Family effort to make it happen, so stop lumping everything off to just one partner or the other!

See It For Yourself:

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