Wow…a Purple, Cancer Fighting Tomato?

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Okay…so what you’re telling me is that scientists have genetically engineered a freakin “Cancer Tomato”? I’m sure that this would be a seemingly great thing, if there weren’t the likely 101 side effects listed on the box. It seems pretty strange that something as simple as a Tomato, can be manipulated by humans to cure… CANCER! Not to mention it’s purple! Purple? Purple?

“Attack of the Killer Tomatoes” is the first thing that popped into my mind (not sure why, but I have this image of a huge 30ft tall, 500 pound, Purple Tomato rolling down the street scaring all hell out of cancer patients). But seriously, I’d like to see a cure for Cancer, but genetically altering our fruits just sounds fishy. If taking a pill for a headache has side-effects, I’m sure this tomato does too. And by no means is a headache even comparable to cancer. So what are the stakes here?

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