On The Go

This is the window for when you are officially On The Go. Jasmine picked out some cool items that are sure to help any mobile person (aka, MOST of us now-a-days).

The DWTM Hoody

Pair it with a stylish pair of jeans, khakis, or sweats, this hoody is the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. And if you, like me, enjoy stealing your boyfriend’s clothes on a daily basis, you’ll be happy he decided to add this to his wardrobe. Perfect for a night out at the movies, a surprise lunch date, or where ever the wind may carry your man.

nokia charger

Who has time to actually sit in the house waiting for a cell phone to charge? On the flip side, who can live without a fully charged cell? Not only can you charge your Nokia in the car, you never have to worry about overheating or overcharging. (It automatically switches off when battery is fully charged). Grab it and go, and dont worry about tangling the cord—it’s retractable.

adidas backpack

Yes, there’s a pocket for your ipod. And yes, all the other randomness you carry with you can fit as well. So, if you genuinely tote lots of things on a daily basis, or even if you want to appear as if you do, this is the carry all good for mean on the move.

tom tom gps

As the owner of a GPS navigation system, I can vouch for the necessity of such a thing. For anyone who travels ANYWHERE, (whether that be cross-country or cross town), a GPS can be a life saver, as well as an ego saver for a lost male travel companion. Don’t get me wrong. I have seen cases where too much trust is put into a machine not capable of uploading new streets by itself, and a simple road trip has gone awry. But, for the most part, a man on the go is in (desperate) need of a navigation system. Don’t tell him so though. Play it off as a gift that you “thought he might like”.

nokia pda

Forget the full Stereo speakers and microphone, touch screen with 800 x 480 resolution, and Integrated Web camera (although these things DO add to the overall hotness of the pda). This baby has its own wiFi! If you’re still not sold on the internet anywhere you happen to go, add the full qwerty keyboard (unless you enjoy waiting the extra five minutes it takes normal phones to allow the text-er to go to the next letter). So, all in all, this PDA is designed for the person with places to go and people to meet.

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