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Every strong woman needs a break from work—a wind down after a long, hard day. With the help of these products—she can do just that, and keep it and strong and sexy.

Power to the Super Bad women who would buy one of these posters for ever room in the house. (Me included). What woman wouldn’t get a little thrill out of this art? This poster brings the wild side out of the most timid, reserved of them all. Not that I know any of those types. But if I did, I would buy this piece for them to put up over their bed. Then, she could wake up every morning and say to herself “I am woman. Hear me roar.”

Comfort meets sexy in these underwear. Not one for frills and girly bows (there is a tiny bow on these, but scissors can handle that), I approve of these on the grounds of attractiveness and lack of unnecessary discomfort for stated sexiness. (Sorry ladies who wear thongs, but I don’t see how you do it).

Even Super Woman has to unwind after a long, hard day. I personally love the clashing of ideologies displayed–loose and comfortable enough to relax around the house, yet form fitting and sexy enough to feel like a goddess while doing so. Not to drop any hints, but this would make a perfect gift for an anniversary, birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or just to show appreciation. But hey, if dropping hints doesn’t work out, you could always buy it yourself. I’m pretty sure he won’t be mad at this purchase!

Perfect for us women who “don’t do jewelery”, but still like to accessorize occasionally. Simplistic yet elegant, this bracelet signifies the birth of loved ones, or yourself if you choose. I enjoy jewelry that adds to my appearance; not detracts from it. This charm bracelet definitely adds polish to any outfit.

I must admit. I, as an avid fan of wearing “beaters” or undershirts, as regular tops, must admit that this tank is a welcome alternative. The spaghetti straps offer relief from bothersome sleeves in the dead of the summer, as well as an added sexy attitude. In the colder seasons, this tank can be layered with a button up shirt or drop neck sweater. Either way, the look is completely up to the wearer.

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