Exciting Arts, that come back to Haunt us

Jamal: Hey wus up Un World and everybody else who may have stumbled in here by accident,

The past few weeks have been pretty exciting and frustrating. Well, I’ll get the good news out first. Our arts lounge has moved into it’s final stages with our Art Gallery being opened up and our Fashion Gallery being re-opened. We knocked out a quick rough painting and a new “legacy” shirt.

Music-wise we’ve taken it another level deeper into some great new shyt! Just in the studio messing around with some new production techniques and ideas. We’ve really been bumping a lot of CSS, MGMT, Kanye West, and Santogold lately. Not to say that we haven’t had these in our rotation all along, but for some odd reason, they’ve had such an added importance in our lives. I don’t know…maybe we’re trippin out, lol.

On to the frustrating part… People Who Hate To See Us Succeed! It’s amazing that when I’m simply at a random 9-5, barely being able to afford life and overall living miserably, everyone around us is SO happy. People want to share their stories of how much they hate their jobs too, and how broke they are, and how much their lives suck.

But as soon as the subject changes to someone who is “embarking on the privileged life of building their happiness & career”, all hell breaks loose. I mean, it’s not even the spiteful words that come spewing out that get to me. It’s the facial expressions and body language. They way people act, it would make you think I ran over their pet dog AND made their toilet overflow into the floor underneath, IN THE SAME DAY! (lmao)

But seriously, it’s like we become everyone’s worst enemy the very second we even “dare to be happy and pursue our creativity”. It’s like “how dare you achieve what I secretly wanted out of life”. I can’t think of any other explanation other than envy & hatefulness. We follow a strict policy of “don’t tell unless asked” in regards to our business, career, and art. Screw bragging, I often try to HIDE and downplay what I’m doing. It’s like these people ask question after question, JUST so they can shoot us down.

Amazing logic on their part.

Well, I’m off to create some more great things for our community (oops, I mean… yeah I Hate doing all this exciting artsy goofing around stuff), lol. I guess we might have better luck next week.

~ Jamal & Jasmine, Un World

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