How to Re-Gain Self with Job Loss and Unemployment

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Being overly distraught and upset about job loss in your life, is much like being distraught over the man “fishing for you”, who is pulling out your training wheels and FORCING you to go “fish for yourself”. It IS a scary thing trying to fish for yourself. It IS a very tough mindset to shift into after you’re used to sitting back, letting someone else think it all out FOR you, then collecting your hard earned paycheck.

The real tragedy in it all is the fact that 99% of people don’t attempt to fish for themselves, they simply rush to find ANOTHER man to fish for them. Folks, this isn’t the 1700s where your Barter for goods & services is actually PROPORTIONATE to the Real World supply and demand. The economic scale is tipped to allow the Complacent and Lazy an easy road to a “simple existence”. I congratulate them on their “great easy and luxurious life” IF they truly believe that’s what they’re doing. No need for me to hate on them, my focus is all on Positive Progress.

So Before you think I’m bashing W2 Employment, calm down and FOCUS on what is being said here. There’s nothing wrong with serving as an employee as an investment vehicle. The trouble is that most depend on their Employer like it’s Life Support! As if they’re “lost little children”, trying to find themselves in the identity of the founders of their company.

Listen! You CAN in fact find and maintain friendships outside of a W2 workplace, you could start with paying attention to who your damned neighbors are. You CAN in fact find “praise” from other human beings, why not actually DO SOMETHING HELPFUL for another person, and you’ll be good to go. And seriously, show your OWN FAMILY AND CHILDREN SOME LOVE & CARING!!!

It’s not the end of the world like most want you to believe. Your “worth” as a human being is NOT lowered without a W2 Job. Just Ask Bill Gates, Micheal Dell, Curtis Jackson, or Oprah Winfrey how much they get on their “W2 Paycheck”. Guess what, they don’t receive one either!

But the difference between “them” and most, is the fact that they CREATED their own system. They fish for themselves. SO at the end of the day, they incur ALL of the Risk, but also reap all of the benefits. So I guess once you’re on the unemployment line, you could begin to see the actualized RISK of allowing yourself to lie dormant in life. It’s all up to your perception of the situation.

Some tell me “oh that’s just how life is”. But apparently these people haven’t been paying attention to what Capitalism & Free Markets are, nor do they understand History. Capitalism is built FOR you to use all that “freedom” to make it happen. Camaraderie is just as easily found networking with others in your industry or in your co-op. Friends aren’t limited to only your school, college, or workplace.

Well, what would I do if I was laid off or had a job cut? LOL, why don’t I just tell you what I CURRENTLY am doing in response to being screwed over by the “employee-employer transaction”. If I didn’t already mention before, my wife, my newborn daughter, and myself were flat broke and ended up homeless due to my Faithful Devotion to the Almighty W2 Paycheck.

It is an encouraging sign to see that people are spending more time with Family, and enjoying life a bit more during their unemployment.

Well, I’m gonna get out of here for now. I’ll catch you at UW-Live and/or around the web somewhere.


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