3 Reasons Why You Need “Better” Education

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Wow, it seems that the education system is troubled yet again.

Check out these quotes:

“Good-paying jobs go where the work force is,” he said. “And that doesn’t have to be in the U.S.”…

“Twelfth grade is no longer the finish line if we want to be internationally competitive,” DuBois said Thursday. “We need to scale up our work force.”…

One problem there, he said, is that the state puts funds into for-credit degree programs and very little into non-credit, or certificate, programs…

Colleges will find it harder to improve services provided and hold down costs as long as the economy is in a downturn. Danville Community College has already seen cuts of about $40 million to its budget and could have as much as $20 million more cut to make up the state’s budget shortfall, DuBois said…

So by “scale up our workforce”, do you mean turn the knob up on the conformity camp juice? Ok, employers are finding their employees are less tolerant of their ‘traditional’ techniques, mass advertising is taking a nose-dive in effectiveness, and universities are hurting for revenues. Sounds like a perfect time to start cranking out some heavy PR! (By the way, the a fore mentioned occurrences in the marketplace are a FACT)

How would I handle this?

If I’m a marketing-man for an education business, oops, I meant College or University, I would do exactly this. My PR would be set up to drill into the masses and mainstream that “your job WILL be sent overseas if you don’t go back for more degrees!” No bullshyt, I would even create a catchy jingle to go along with it. I can hear it now “if you-don’t, go, back, for more, de-grees, yeah!”, and match this up with people smiling and driving nice cars at the end.

It’s a well known fact that the Post-baby boomers where the “best educated” generation, and it’s also a well known fact that they are the Best Consumers, as well as the most devout followers of the Materialism Religion. Think I’m joking, do a little research on the economics of this.

The longer you can keep a mainstream human being embedded and adherent to their “educational programming”, the more obedient and subservient they will be for the marketplace & employers. Simple cause & effect. Let’s be real and factual everybody,public education was instituted FOR the Industrial Revolution, and the mass push for college education soon followed to offer “upgrades” to the default human programming. And it’s ALWAYS a big plus to make people directly PAY for their own programming too. Especially if you can rack up enough money on the principle to make the profits from Interest more than worth your while.

I don’t blame them one bit. It’s Capitalism, and they play the game to win. This isn’t cynicism, this is pure Market Economics.

I NEVER knock the value of a good education, but once again… when did education become exclusively available at ONLY “accredited institutions”? As if Abraham Lincoln and Bill Gates were fukin Rhodes Scholars, lol. I guess history has yet to teach people that, YES it is within the scope of human ability to teach one’s self to accomplish tasks which are perceived to be insurmountable.

Education is the acquisition of Knowledge.

It has happened throughout all of our existence, and will CONTINUE to happen. But it requires risk-taking, creativity, self discipline, and loads of imagination. So…for the mainstream machines, yall better start going back to school! You’ll be lost and suffer horrible lives without “better education”.

So, what’s YOUR suggestion for this education crisis?

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