State of the Union, Where is America?

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…We all should have different views, but to flat out not cooperate leaves this nation in a very retarded state…

Our nation is straight up too damned divided. Far too divided to actually create any progress. Too divided and running in opposite directions for ANY of the extremist protests to make a difference. We’re all about individual liberty, but we are very “Anti-Non-Cooperation”. We all should have different views, but to flat out not cooperate leaves this nation in a very retarded state. Classic Prisoner’s Dilemma in action here, our divided logic leads BOTH sides of the issue into a sub-optimal solution… every…single….time!

So we take a look at “State of the Union”, a documentary that covers a nation divided.

Haven’t gotten a chance to finish this film in full (tried to sneak this one in before the work day, but the to-do list is growing out of control).

What’s YOUR take on all of this?
Let us and the community know how you rate these issues & impact! Give us your Rating “1-10” on How the topic was handled, How you liked our Guest, or How STRONGLY you feel about the issue.

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