Sesame Street – Katy Perry’s cleavage gets her the boot

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…I guess this was meant to be a “cute” little mini-porn adventure, chasing Elmo through the streets of Sesame Land…

Now, under normal circumstances, I don’t really find her outfit to be that big of a deal. Under normal circumstances Katy Perry with her boobs hanging out would NOT be placed front & center for the eyes of 3 year olds. Who thought this was a good idea!?!

Oh, don’t think we’re saying that Katy Perry shouldn’t have been a guest with Elmo. On the contrary, we LOVE Katy Perry for our own entertainment.

We’re simply questioning the choice in wardrobe for THIS particular show. Ms. Perry’s breasts were two seconds away from popping out of her low-cut dress, but I guess this was meant to be a “cute” little mini-porn adventure, chasing Elmo through the streets of Sesame Land. WTF?

The content of her music most definitely puts her imagery in a whole different category than your typical “ballerina, gymnast, etc.” The parallel between “California Girls” with whip cream shooting from her you know what’s, is really not that hard to draw here. Is that unfair scrutiny?, ennhhh, maybe. But there’s someting much more sinister lurking beneath the surface though.

And there’s no way anyone can throw 100% of the blame on Katy either, the gang over at Sesame Street definitely “ok’ed” the segment, filmed it, then released it! Only after parent complaints was this taken off the programming.

Where was the PISE on this decision?

Ok, let’s break down WHY exactly this isn’t a smart move, as it relates to our young girls:

1) Katy Perry befriending Elmo in a cleavage-bearing top = young girls wanting to emulate her down the smallest detail! And if you actually HAVE KIDS, you know exactly what I mean. We’re not the only ones who have had a little one pump their fist and say “Bulls**t!” as they’re watching football with you.

2) Society frowning upon, and acting like jerks towards women/girls who dress in a sexually appealing manner = OUR daughters/sisters/granddaughters/nieces being frowned upon and being treated badly by jerks.


Katy Perry in the cleavage-bearing top = Our little girls being degraded in the future!

And I would really want to laugh a little harder, but sadly this is so true, regardless of whether we wish it weren’t, it IS.

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