Soundtrack: From Crisis to Freedom (v1)

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Provides the powerful soundtrack to Living the Topics & Emotions,
and Dealing with the Issues of:

01. The Declaration
Pushing Forward to Improve Our Lives, Taking Pride in Liberty, Fighting through Crisis, Pulling Ourselves Up, Spirituality & Faith in God; Trust in the Universe; Overcoming Abuse and Poverty

02. Overthrow The People
Standing Strong; Taking Responsibility for your Life; Scolding Complacency, Laziness, and Corruption; Pursuing Excellence and Hard Work; Equality through Work Ethic & Results

03. I Look Back
Reflection on the Past; Thankfulness for God and the Universe; Seeing the Opportunities in Life amongst the Obstacles; The Power of Prayer; Realizing the Positive through the Negative

04. Bitty Batteries
Overcoming the Odds; Using the Haters as Energy; Living the Best Life You Can; Calling their Bluff; Persevering against the Jealous & Envious

05. Twilight Sun
Rebirth; Rising of A New Day; A Fresh & Energetic Start; Dance Mania

06. Rose Garden
Finding the One Person/Thing to Confide In; Fighting through Abuse; Gratitude for your Saving Grace; Life Altering Love

07. No More
Moving On; Getting away from Harmful Relationships/Friendships; Taking Control of Your Life

08. For The Family
Loyalty; Fighting for the Family; Self-Reliance and Responsibility; Sacrifice and Hard Work

09. One Night At A Time
Enjoying a Night Out with Friends; Fun with the Family on Trip/Vacation; Appreciating and being Grateful for Each Day

10. Touch Screen
Enjoying life and the Party; Nightlife; High-Tech Lifestyle & Dating

11. Redemption
Anger, Substance Abuse, Suicide; Mental Health, Depression, Bipolar; Fear; Redemption; Turning Life Around for the Better; Defeating our ‘Demons’ in life

12. Live Die Think Breath
Battling with the Expectations of Family, Friends, Society; Taking the Path of your Own; Deciding to Stand Up for Yourself

13. Don’t Let Em
Resilience; Watching for Danger; Standing Strong against Temptation & Threats

14. I Still Hold On
The Frustration & Despair of Unemployment & Job Loss; Losing Home to Foreclosure or Eviction; Not Having Enough Money to Pay Bills; Credit Problems, Repossessions; Homelessness

15. Lift Up With Me
Creating Wealth; The Secret of Success; Faith; Becoming a Winner

16. Mortician Music
Death to our Enemies; Rage!; Break Stuff

17. Took My Chances
Taking chances and risks in life; Living for God’s Glory; Seizing the moment; Reflection on the past

18. Star Life (Know My Name)
Silencing the critics; Winning & Success as the sweetest Revenge; Showing all the Haters the great transformation

19. They Said I’m Crazy
Mental Health; Revenge and Overcoming the Odds; Anger, Sadness, Abandonment; Abuse and Tragically living on the edge

20. This Is How We Roll
Taking life by storm; Noble Outlaw & Pushing Limits mentality; Taking control of what we can in life; Fearless

21. Disciples of Truth (Unknown)
Overcoming obstacles in life; Being different and living with Conviction; Defeating your Fear of Uncertainty

Sophisticated music for the indie spirit, for everyone Above the Mainstream…ParaDox Music, is a Symphonic experience of Dark Electronica, Alternative Urban/Metal, and Southern Country/Rock.

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