From Crisis to Freedom (Vision Trailer – Full extended version)

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Un World Life sends it’s Officers out, Patrolling the Internet, for Everyone Above the Mainstream. Our current fight has been focused on:

  • Sharing how ‘PISE’ and the ‘Un World Lifestyle’ has allowed us to go from Hardship, Abuse, & Homelessness, to earning a Net Worth of over $2.5 Million
  • Exposing the Impact and Hidden Agenda of the Liberals of the Boomer Generations
  • Expressing how our Conservative & Libertarian Values hold the Key to Rebuilding Prosperity around the Globe

Un World Life, founded in 1999, is a Social Lifestyle & Media hub where people share, discover and review lifestyle topics. Un World’s mixed-media show helps lead people to discover new things from new counterculture lifestyles, connect with other like-minded community members, discuss
lifestyle issues, find great prices on products, and make holistically informed decisions. Our community members connect, share advice and lifestyle suggestions, and engage Live On-Air with other people.

…In 2006, Jay & Jasmine Rose were divinely inspired to embark on a path of great responsibility, as well as great risk. Doing so has led not only their family to great peace and success, but has also led to a continuous stream of innovation in Art, Lifestyle, & Technology. Together we’re here to offer inspiration and dedication, through the experience that we have been blessed with.

Our Mission is to Build and Maintain legacy wealth in PISE, for Everyone Above the Mainstream. We have dedicated ourselves to a life of service and duty for God.

Celebrity, politics, music, lifestyle, tech, and fashion are woven into original narrative. Both music-based video series and talk radio show are hosted along with blog-styled articles.

At the core of Un World is an engaging, fun, and motivated community of people who love to seek fulfillment in life.

Our Mission: To Help you Make it PISE! Our job is to provide lifestyle assistance so that you can live a happier and more fulfilled life.

The Unknown World is for everyone Above the Mainstream. Everyone who is Passionate, Responsible, and not afraid to Push the Status-Quo.

The Unknown World = Conservative Values, Patriotic Gusto, and Libertarian Analysis of everything life has to offer us.

At the core of Un World Life are values of:

  • Freedom of expression and creativity
  • Fiscal Responsibility on the part of our own Families, as well as our Governments
  • Free Market Economics, in which Constitutionally Limited Government simply protects certain inalienable rights; (i.e. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness for ALL peoples)

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You Report. We Patrol.

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