School Children Injured in Unemployed Maniac’s Stabbing Rampage

“Television images showed pools of blood on the bus floor and a large area outside the train station…”

Jay: Ok, so I’m on patrol and here’s this story about a 27 year old Japanese man, going apesh*t on a bus, stabbing schoolchildren with a kitchen knife.

Jasmine: Not cool. Not cool at all. School children?

Jay: yeah, 14 people were wounded: 8 high school students, 4 middle school, and two women

Jasmine: So this guy sucks at life and basically decides to take it out on the easiest prey? What type of logic is that?

Physical – raw attack on children

Jay: So where are we at on the physical aspect? In my opinion, NOWHERE! This is just really disgusting, no matter which way you look at it.

Jasmine: Agreed! I don’t see a positive in this. Total Negative is my vote.

Intellectual – Everyone loses in this situation

Jay: Intellectual dimension was not even in play here. Ok, so the guy is unemployed, maybe he could have focused on finding WORK, rather than plotting on a damned school bus.

Jasmine: Exactly! So I guess it’s the kids’ fault that he was unemployed. “Damned kids taking all those summer jobs” huh?

Video from this story @ Yahoo News

Spiritual – Horrible memories of this event

Jay: exactly! So on a spiritual note, I can’t find too much good in this at all. I’m glad that no one was more seriously injured, but events like these tend to stick with you throughout life. The kids are going to have this constant reminder EVERY time they get on a bus in the future.

Jasmine: Yeah. Except that now those children are scarred for life…way to teach our kids how to deal with life

Jasmine: Yea exactly

Jasmine: I just hope the parents of those children help them deal emotionally with their fears

Emotional – People risked life and limb to help save one another

Jay: Emotionally, it is good to see that the other riders on the bus stepped in to subdue this maniac. Everyone pulling together in the face of danger & death, to help one another.

Jasmine: That’s always a good sign that humanity is not completely doomed

Jay: and yeah, I agree @ the parents helping their kids deal with this.

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