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Un World Life, founded in 1999, is a Social Lifestyle & Media hub where people share, discover and review lifestyle topics. Un World’s TransMedia show helps lead people to discover new things from new cultures and lifestyles, connect with other like-minded community members, discuss lifestyle issues, find great prices on products, and make holistically informed decisions. Our community members connect, share advice and lifestyle suggestions, and engage “Live On-the-Field” with other people throughout their everyday lives.

We’ve gone from Homelessness, Child Abuse, Drugs, Gangs, and Despair
to being Full of Love, Happiness, and Healthy living!!!
As well as earning a Small Net Worth of over $2.5 MILLION

How did we get here?…

About Us / Our Story…
1. What We Stand For & What We Do

2. Summary

3. Timeline

4. FAQ – Such as “Why are you going through all of this?…
Why don’t you go back to school?…Why not just live a normal life?”

Contact Us: report@UnWorldLife.com // 1.443.602.9836

Bloggers, Journalists, Potential Partners, B2B; See our Media Kit & Summary Guide for a more detailed summary on Rose Media Company.

Rose Media Company, was founded in 1999 as “Un World”…In 2006, Jay & Jasmine Rose were divinely inspired to embark on a path of great responsibility, as well as great risk. Doing so has led not only their family to great peace and success, but has also led to a continuous stream of innovation in Art, Lifestyle, & Technology. Together we’re here to offer inspiration and motivation, through the experience that we have been blessed with.

Our Mission is to Build and Maintain legacy wealth in PISE, for Everyone Above the Mainstream. We have dedicated ourselves to a life of service and duty for God.

Where Do We Stand Politically?

We call ourselves “Conservative Minded”,
we tend to lean Republican,
we also fight aggressively & tenaciously for Progressive Causes,
but we are explicitly for the UNKNOWN WORLD!

This isn’t “Conservative/Republican World”,
this isn’t “Liberal/Democrat World”,
this is the UNKNOWN WORLD!!!

OUR World simply wishes to be free
from overt oppression, poverty, and victimhood,
while STILL serving 3s Up in PISE under a Divine Power.

Celebrity, politics, music, lifestyle, tech, and fashion are woven into original narrative. Both music-based video series and talk radio show are hosted along with blog-styled articles.

At the core of Un World is an engaging, fun, and motivated community of people who love to seek fulfillment in life.

Our Mission: To Help you Make it PISE! Our job is to provide lifestyle assistance so that you can live a happier and more fulfilled life.

The Unknown World is for everyone Above the Mainstream. Everyone who is Passionate, Responsible, and not afraid to Push the Status-Quo.

The Unknown World = Conservative Values with a Socio-Economic focus.

At the core of Un World Life are values of:

  • Freedom of expression and creativity
  • Fiscal Responsibility on the part of our own Families, as well as our Governments
  • Free Market Economics, in which Constitutionally Limited Government simply protects certain inalienable rights; (i.e. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness for ALL peoples)

Un World Life follows Officers of the Mission, Patrolling the Internet, for Everyone Above the Mainstream. Our current fight has been focused on:

  • Sharing how ‘PISE’ and the ‘Un World Lifestyle’ has allowed us to go from Hardship, Abuse, & Homelessness, to earning a Net Worth of over $2.5 Million
  • Exposing the Impact and Hidden Agenda of the Liberals of the Boomer Generations
  • Expressing how our Conservative & Libertarian Values hold the Key to Rebuilding Prosperity around the Globe

Un World Life stands for the Men, Women, and Families who are both Tough enough, and Savvy enough to be Responsible for their own lives. We serve to Build & Maintain Legacy Wealth in P.I.S.E.

They’ve survived the viscous streets of Baltimore, MD (home of HBO’s “The Wire”) which alone has a higher homicide-rate than all but 4 countries in the world. They’ve survived Child Abuse, Gang upbringing, and Drug addictions in family life as kids. Un World has gone from working with Def Jam Recordings (2002) and Sony Urban (2004), to attending the 24th ranked U.S. University, to sacrificing & becoming Homeless as a family. Durability and Tenacity are the best terms to describe Un World’s dedication.

Jay and Jasmine

attended 24th ranked university in U.S…Depended on Food Stamps & Welfare…worked with major record labels Sony Urban and Def Jam…been served with an eviction notice…graduated high school with 3.8 GPA and scored 1180 on SAT…had our baby girl born into an intensive care unit…held full-time employment, paid taxes, and remained free of any criminal charges/convictions and serious drugs…survived child abuse and household of violence and drug addiction…Published in the Baltimore Sun and Highlights Magazine…Labeled Crazy by Family…Un World was founded in 1999, it has since evolved into a Social Lifestyle & Media Organization based in Community and Culture.

Husband, Wife, Baby Girl…
and a small Net Worth of over $2.5 MILLION

Free eBook (Unformatted Text Version) Download of “From Crisis to Freedom” (Book of the Unknown World series)

Official Paperback and Kindle version at Amazon

If you want more of the same generic, typical, & mainstream advice, you should seek a trained mainstream adviser.

“Downward Spiral” – Pt.1

* held full-time employment, paid taxes, and remained free of any criminal charges/convictions and serious drugs // I guess we were headed down the wrong path somehow…


* After already being Laid Off – Checking accounts overdrafted, closed, and sent to collections. To follow, we went through a horrible business deal & fraud encounter. We were paid $500 total for providing 2 full months of service, as well as additional labor hours to “help our ex-partner” get the money to compensate us our owed payments. // Debt. The American way. And we’ve always prided ourselves on paying bills on time.


* Health Insurance cancelled // Jasmine has Diabetes Type I, I guess it’s not serious enough of a condition to need prescriptions…even though you will die without insulin and proper management!


* Food Stamps & Welfare // For months we only received $125 per month, how much do YOU spend on groceries? For all we pay in taxes and give for charity, I guess this is “living the undeserving high-life off the system” right?

Being educated people, the environment at Social Services and the treatment of our family was dehumanizing and demoralizing to say the least. We were never even asked for Resumes or Transcripts of any kind. It was automatically assumed that we somehow “deserved” to live in poverty. No one who is honest and willing to WORK for their goals deserves to live in poverty.

Baltimore, MD

* Our hometown: the homicide rate in Baltimore is nearly seven times the national rate, six times the rate of New York City, and three times the rate of Los Angeles…Baltimore still has much higher-than-average rates of aggravated assault, burglary, robbery, and theft. As of 2003, 20% of Baltimore’s population lives in Poverty. // We actually have grown up and lived through this on the DAILY basis (research Park Heights, NorthEast Baltimore, Woodlawn, and Essex for specifics). // Icing on the cake, against all odds.

“Blessings! and Success?” – Pt.2

* our baby girl born into an intensive care unit // Our greatest gift, our passion is to provide a Legacy. Having a beautiful child…Something else they told me I could not do.

MD Kings Vol. 2Mixtape Tour Vol. 2The World

* Un World, Founded in 1999 by Jay Rose. Jay & Jasmine currently serve as activists, artists, analysts, & generals…the term Ambassadors can be used to sum it all up. In 1999 we used music as our starting ground to achieve our mission and provide legacy

Kanye WestJuelz Santana and VikDef Jam ExecutivesChamillionaire and VikJay-ZRemy and VikRodney Jerkins and Darien Dorsey

* Kanye West, Juelz Santana, Def Jam Execs, Chamillionaire, Jay-Z, Rodney Jerkins, Remy (via Knockout, Viktory, and Darien Dorsey) // Acceptance from OUR peers, so why do the people closest to us shower us with Negativity?

* Play was nominated for Center Stage, Baltimore’s premier fine arts theatre

StudioThe ClubBCE

* Studio, Shows, Clubs, Mixtapes // Moving in the right direction, or so it seemed

* Published in the Baltimore Sun and Highlights Magazine // as a gifted young writer, my dreams were always shut down by family…but apparently some major publications liked me.

Mixtape Tour Vol. 1Still Grindin Vol. 1Mixtape Tour Vol. 4Bang City Vol. 1

* MD Kings and ‘The World Tour’ series // Traveled from state to state, building our company, and they said it would be impossible

“The Matrix” – Pt.3

* graduated high school with 3.8 GPA, 1180 SAT (equiv. 1750), and even won Homecoming King // What else should I have accomplished? Like really? I know it’s not “perfection” but jeez, lol


* Graduated from the prestigious Baltimore City College High School // So did David Abercrombie (co-founder Abercrombie & Fitch), Russell Baker (Writer), Elijah Cummings (Congressman), Ben Cardin (Senator), and David M. Rubenstein (co-founder of The Carlyle Group) ”, sounds great huh?

* Jasmine’s high school teacher, Ed Burns, Edgar Award-winning writer for The Corner and The Wire // He thought I could do it, why don’t my parents?


* Bucknell University (24th ranked as of 2003) // What more should I have done?


* Morgan State University // This will guarantee me a great job with benefits… won’t it?

* Jasmine’s father, professional photographer, but banishes talent to part-time effort, while working over-time as a C.O. Jay’s mother, gifted in sewing & business mind, but banishes talent to part-time effort, while working over-time as a Registered Nurse // talent wasted, legacy never created, life along a ‘normal’ path


* W2-Jobs & Employment we’ve held: Mall retail (SportsZone), security officer (Allied Barton), FedEx package handler, assistant hair stylist, movie & video game rentals (Blockbuster, Game Stop), customer service/restaurant (Papa Johns, Quizno’s), kids amusement park (Jeepers), fashion retail (Filene’s Basement, D&D SportsWear), ramp agent (SouthWest Airlines), inventory counter (RGIS), sales associate (Sears, Radioshack), children’s recreation coordinator (Baltimore County Recreation & Parks), flea market worker, alumni contact personnel & mailroom (Bucknell University), food prep (Heavenly Ham) // Was this following our path in life? Of all the gifts and skills that we’re given by God (or higher being), were we living out our destiny?

“Our Future Looks Bright” – Pt.4
Jasmine as a youthJay as a youth

* Jay & Jasmine as Kids // You can be anything you want to be, if you put your mind to it and work hard

* Survived child/sexual abuse, drug addictions, alcohol addiction, our video games & tv pawned, gang life, reckless promiscuity, sexual behavior, violence, and aggression //
Sounds fun to be a “gangsta” right? A “pimp”, “playa”, “bad bitch”, “vixen”? Real life often tells a different story.

Cultura BiPolar

* Depression, BiPolar, Anxiety, PTSD, Mental Illness… medications, counselors, CAT scans // They said we’re troubled/crazy, but is it really just the fact that I’m creating Mental Dissonance by not following my true path in life? Society also labeled Winston Churchill, Isaac Newton, Michelangelo, Abraham Lincoln, Vincent van Gogh, Emily Dickinson, Jimmy Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Ted Turner, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Britney Spears, Demi Lovato, Carrie Fisher, Linda Hamilton, and many others as being troubled/crazy as well.

* history of mother abandoning, most hurtful was lack of emotional & social contact // What doesn’t kill me, can only make me stronger… sure

* Jay’s father, ex-basketball star in Baltimore turned ex-hustler and money maker turned drug addicted and violent //
helped instill strong values and showed me wonderful things in life, yet still, through abuse and his example, showed me what NOT to do with MY life

State/National Test Scores (Jay at 10 years old)
Jay Rose wasn’t the official “valedictorian” in the room academically (as he attended highly competitive magnet/technical schools since the 6th grade), but he was always in “the club”, highly succeeding in honors / GT / AP courses his entire life.

State/National Test Scores (Jay at 12 years old)
This degree of success in school was attained in spite of the degree of hardship found at home. Jay found time to study between the domestic violence, drugs, child/sexual abuse, and gang activity/enforcing. After electricity being shut off and on, refrigerator being empty, and bills being piled up, Jay’s most-often single mother had to eventually declare bankruptcy. What was always taught, was to simply hide the pain, put on a show, and never engage the deeper problems, as we must always ‘keep up with the Joneses’. Jay’s family posited that everything would “just be okay” if unquestioned interdependence and codependency were kept as a virtue.

Final High School Report Card with Quality Point Credits (Jay, 2003)

AFQT ASVAB Score – 98/99 (98th Percentile)

Composite Scores (via multiple-aptitude battery that measures developed abilities and helps predict future academic and occupational success in the military)

General Technical (GT) – 137/140
Clerical (CL) – 136/140
Combat (CO) – 131/140
Electronics (EL) – 133/140
Field Artillery (FA) – 132/140
General Maintenance (GM) – 130/140
Mechanical Maintenance (MM) – 125/140
Operators and Food (OF) – 131/140
Surveillance and Communications (SC) – 135/140
Skilled Technical (ST) – 134/140

… Soon in the future, this is where the disillusionment within our lives began to intensify.

Our pasts were already so riddled with hardships and trauma, that we looked to our college years to “save us” from our abandonment, “save us” from our old lives, “save us” from our Reality. Straddled with living IN the Real World while trying to experience the “heavenly good life college brings” proved to be too heavy a burden.

And no one offered, nor came to help us.

The difference between Education as “the Attainment of Knowledge” and Education as “Living a Lifestyle we were Never meant to Live” became very clear to us.

“As a grown adult, I don’t look for any excuses or exemptions from my past. I simply take a logical and socio-economic look at both my successes and my failures, and apply that understanding to the wisdom received throughout life, in order to ultimately hold greater knowledge to be used in the future. Knowledge that I am blessed enough to be able to share with others, all in effort to both enlighten those whom may not have had to endure what I’ve been though, as well as inspire those who have gone through horrors and difficulties to keep fighting, and keep faith in their own future.” ~ Jay Rose

“And now…” – Pt.5

* Served with Eviction Notice //
So we decided at that point “to stop the cycle of negativity and hopelessness NOW!”

We hit the road and began writing, filming, & producing our documentary-show. We’re serving our Community & Mission, we’re producing our Media, we’re releasing our Music, and we’re publishing our Writings & Arts…
As of 2009, this is where our Story picks up, our Community’s Mission, our Family’s fight for success…

We are focused on LIFE moving forward. We are Driven by a whirlwind of Passion, Freedom, Security, Conquest, and Exploration as connoisseurs of Beauty & Excellence, all through Love-Loyalty-Honor in PISE. Our Marriage is Our Foundation.

Jay RoseJasmine


After overcoming a turbulent and abusive childhood, we started going broke in 2006, when we foolishly decided to become Dependent on the “Job / Career / Liberal Government / University System” to help us achieve our goals. We went against Personal Responsibility and put Blind Faith into the “Victim Role” preached to us, the W2-Enabler world, the Cubicle world, the Wage Slave world… and the Recession of 2007/2008 reminded us of what our TRUE PURPOSE was!

…so we rose back into Glory by 2010!!! We Decided to temporarily forsake the “physical comforts” of this world to strengthen our Intellectual – Spiritual – Emotional devotion. Ventured back to “rock bottom” to Refine our Focus & Dedication.

We were forced into the ultimatum of homelessness, but did in fact have the option to crawl back on our knees for scraps, amidst poverty, violence, and suffering… we said F**K THAT! We Deserve Better! (not recommended for most people to follow… only “Very Strong – Enlightened” individuals should even attempt this. Without the necessary Vision, your life will crumble.) We STILL live a Lifestyle based in Simplicity as a Personal Choice, with a few vices here and there for the finer things Life has to offer.

High Net Worth, yet live a voluntary life of Simplicity. Realism… it allows us to navigate this world more precisely. It forces us to never “fall out of touch” with the very people we Serve. Pure Consumerism without Balance, isn’t a religion we subscribe to.

More investments, More wealth.

Frequently Asked Questions
Before we answer a few questions you might have, let us ask you just 4 basic questions:

1) Do you have any social, cultural, or spiritual values?

2) Do you understand that the definition of Education is “the Acquisition of Knowledge”?

3) Do you have an understanding of and applicable knowledge of Economics, Sociology and Psychology? As well as Historical references of their application in the real world?

4) Do you understand the Economics, Media, Art, Sociology, Activism, History, and Synergy of the works of: Albert Bandura, David Lizarraga, Ronald Reagan, Martin Luther King Jr., Muhammad Yunus, Madam CJ Walker, Edward Bernays, Fidel Castro, Thomas Edison, Mahatma Ghandi, Malcolm X, Andrew Carnegie, J.D. Rockerfeller, Gustave Le Bon, Bea Gaddy, Che Guevara, Thomas Jefferson, Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Michael Dell, Hugo Chavez, Curtis Jackson, Booker T. Washington, Sean Carter, and similar others?

1) “Why are you going through all of this?”

Jay:It all boils down to basic economics and Our Mission and Our Mantra. The ratios of our family’s life, happiness, community and very existence were illogical by default. We’ll explain by Weighing several factors of importance. These items should EACH have a healthy balance, swaying to one side, but NEVER skewed too radically one way or the other. Before we “woke up”, our ratios were all dramatically skewed AWAY from our family’s happiness, success, and goals.

Let’s examine our ratios:

Perceived Stability vs. Legacy Wealth
Security vs. Meeting our Goals
Fitting In To Societies “norms” vs. Happiness
Risk vs. Reward
Mammon/Vice/Sin vs. God’s Will/Kingdom
Investment vs. Yield (Return on Investment)
Status Quo & Mediocrity vs. Unique Solution & Success

….Life never requires a “one size fits all” approach to solving problems. Education is more deeply about gaining the skills of Analytical Thinking and the ability to Problem Solve, rather than simple Trivia Recollection and blindly Following Instruction.

Every path in life has it’s own separate “entrance exam and operations manual”… you can’t follow the same instructions yet expect radically different results. That my friend is Insanity. Plus… being selfish never HELPS anyone but yourself.

Just the entire housing, education, and employment issues in this world make me sick to my stomach. My life’s purpose IS to help… My current tool is Information & Empowerment in the form of Emotion/Motivation/Entertainment/Community. Since our family is currently not in possession of the Monetary Wealth to help as we envision yet, I still must utilize ALL of my talents to help improve people’s lives and the quality of our planet.

Jasmine: Because you have to go through the bullshit to get to where you want to be. This is a test of strength and willpower. If I can’t get through this, then what’s to say I deserve greatness or success? When I am sitting on my yacht in the middle of the ocean, or flying my private jet to my personal island for the weekend, I will not be thinking of this present bullshit. You can’t get to the top without experiencing the struggle, because then you do not value nor appreciate what you have, leading you to squander it away.

2) Why don’t you go back to school?

Jay: 3 key reasons.

First let’s understand that School and Education are two DIFFERENT topics. Education is the acquisition of knowledge, School is an institution that is marketed as “providing education”. Even common-sense analysis shows that Knowledge can be Acquired via multiple sources. School is not the “sole resource of knowledge”. READ some History and Sociology…

Reason #1: School is an Investment, School costs Money, School costs Time, School is an Expense…If we’re struggling to buy food, pay for gas, and have a place to stay, how is it possible to create an additional expense in our families budget for school in the first place? More importantly it takes TIME and actual WORK when you’re self employed. Should we seek to all get more degrees in place of eating food or running our business to generate income?

Reason #2: School is allegedly used to prepare someone’s skills for the workforce and set someone up for their career/employment. My career and field of employment has NO employer looking for my resume. It’s called SELF-EMPLOYMENT for a reason. Degrees do not “earn or buy your way into” a successful business and provide you with legacy wealth. With that being said, if I were to theoretically hold 3-4 college degrees, would THAT in itself encourage partners/clients/customers/investors/banks to somehow fall in love with my business?

Reason #3: Economics (again). College is an investment from which you expect a certain yield. Business is also an investment from which you expect a certain yield. The key difference is that a Business in itself is an ASSET for your life, and can continually yield positive results on your own terms. The amount of income, amount of time for my family, and amount of assets that can be generated from our own business FAR EXCEEDS the possibilities of W2 employment. I choose not to limit myself, so I’m not sure why most people believe they’re limited in their aspirations.

Jasmine: Grade school taught me the basics. Life lessons are learned in REAL life. Everything that I need to know for my profession MUST be gained through experience, rather than taught to me in four years.

3) Why don’t you just buckle down and wait for a better job to come around?

Jay: Wait….for a better job? Let’s make a deal, I’ll wait for a better job that achieves our Mission to magically “come around”, if you agree to not move from your chair and WAIT for food to mysteriously end up in your house, then in your stomach, without you taking your hunger into your own hands. E-mail me in a week and let me know how that all worked out for you, lol.

Jasmine: No offense, but I’ve worked at some of the “better jobs”. I’ve hopped form job to job in search of happiness and stability, with no success. In a sense I’ve been denying my true calling chasing 9 to 5 jobs. I could spend the rest of my life “waiting” on an opportunity. I am a writer, I hate being bound to a desk and a cubicle, surrounded by people I have nothing in common with. I have tried working in an office, outdoors, warehouse, a mall, food service, and with animals. What’s left BUT to go into business for myself?

4) Why won’t you wait until you’re more established?

Jay: Established? That all depends on YOUR definition of established. Success is when an accumulation of actions achieve a desired outcome. So in order to even make $0.01, you’ll have to actually put forth some effort and action, all while being “non-established”, because according to your question you are inferring that “establishment” is something that we are not born with. But if you wait until “established” happens, you’re theoretically at a constant of ZERO. That Isaac Newton guy had a universal law that proved that objects at rest will remain at rest. So HOW does the “non-established” become “established”?…. My guess is to take some course of ACTION.

Jasmine: More established? There’s never a “right time” to take the leap. You can always make up an excuse, no matter what your circumstances. How does an unknown artist gain a dedicated fan base? If he does nothing but wait, how will they ever become established? Therefore, they forever remain unknown, never reaching their full potential.

5) Shouldn’t you hold off until all your children are adults?

Jay: No, I shouldn’t. I live my life to make my children’s lives better AND provide them and generations to come with an array of Assets that they can utilize to make the world a better place. I’d prefer to have my children learning how to analyze P&L Statements and Market Share reports than to sit on their ass and watch SpongeBob and YouTube 24/7. (not that SpongeBob and YouTube are innately “bad” or anything, but a mind is a terrible thing to waste)

Jasmine: And miss my children’s life altogether? Let’s say I do wait and take a salary job for now, I’d be forced to spend 40 (maybe more) hours per week away from my family. Missing my daughter’s plays and my son’s football games, only to make it home in time to put them to bed and crash myself. Then wake up and repeat the cycle over again. I will wake up one day and my children will be grown, with their own families, and I wouldn’t even be able to answer when my grandchildren ask “what was Mommy like when she was my age?”

6) What about security? Isn’t running your own business risky?

Jay: Life is risky. You could take a trip to the grocery store and there are a few hundred possibilities that you might never make it back for dinner. LEARN TO MANAGE RISK! I’m sure you proceed with safety in mind and drive the probability of an unfortunate demise as close to zero as possible. The same very logic is applied to your own career and business. Now, I’d personally rather hold the majority of my family’s “security” in our OWN hands, versus the hands of many others who 100% do NOT have my best interests at heart.

Jasmine: Life is risky, there is no such thing as job security. People get fired…sorry, I mean laid-off, every day. Jobs are lost to machines, technology, and overseas outsourcing. I would rather rely on my own actions to determine an outcome. Rather than some “big-wig” CEO or manager who doesn’t give a damn if my family eats or not. I do not live my life to be threatened. “If you don’t come in this weekend, you’re fired” or “your husband can video tape their graduation, we need you here!”

7) Everyone isn’t born to do great things, right? Why not just live a normal life?

Jay: If you believe that everyone isn’t born to do great things, then you ARE indeed correct. YOU are not born to do great things, and I’m very sorry to hear that. Only God/Higher Being or even scientific evidence can even begin to dictate what anyone is capable of. As for the term “normal life”, being successful and achieving greatness IS normal! It happens every day, of every week, of every month, of every year… and History matched with Factual Evidence proves this to be true. If you’re asking me “why not just live a sucky life?”, then my answer is “because I do not have to”.

Jasmine: I am not EVERYONE, I am for lack of better terms…a VIP. I can not be photocopied or imitated. If I don’t fulfill my mission a piece of society will be missing. There will be an unexplainable void if I chose to be selfish and hide my gifts from the world. The world will be a better place because I was HERE, and I am willing to put my life on the line to empower my people. I will not accept a “normal life”. I am an extraordinary person. “…I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference” ~ Robert Frost.

So WHAT is PISE Tracker?

PISE Tracker is our proprietary “Lifestyle Technology” that allows us to Research, Analyze, Detect, and Review the Physical, Intellectual, Spiritual, and Emotional dimensions of our lives.

Physical – Ease of Use, Varied Usefullness, Meets Expectations, Production Value, Appearance, Tangible/“Touchable” Results, Assets, The “Here & Now”

Intellectual – Value for Price/Costs, Boost to Education in Lifestyle Area, Directly Measurable Lifestyle Enhancement, Service and Support, Writing/Lyrics/Script (creative content), Analytical Thinking

Spiritual – Performance, Quality, Features, Message, Artistic Culture, Self-Awareness, Self-Esteem, Inner-Peace, and Personal Well-Being

Emotional – Design, Style, Appeal, Social Relevance, Social Application, Positive Impact on Mood, Helps Define Personality

It’s a Diagnostic Tool for the Deeper Aspects of our Lives.

Our “Mixed-Media Narrative” Synopsis

Jay Rose. Bipolar, Visionary, Genius.
INTJ – Mastermind. IQ 130.

Jay Rose is an Agent/Officer of Un World, patrolling the internet, as cowboys of dreams, for everyone above the mainstream. Deep passion for Family & Community Values, works from home (and remote locations) with family. Specializes in the analyzation, and subsequent judgement of everyone and everything! Despises nearly every living being who belongs to ‘The Mindless Masses’ (aka Slaves). Imbued with Divine Powers & Responsibility, he both loves/hates the day-to-day tasks of his position. Most encounters reveal people to constantly make sub-optimal decisions. This coupled with his Dark & Painful Past has manifested itself into Megalomania… The Narcissist… He has settled into the belief that he is Greater and Grander than the majority of beings on this planet. Through God and Divine Duty, PISE Tracker allows him to be an Enforcer, a Sage, a Gangsta, a General within the known Universe. More Spiritual than most religious people, and less tolerant of childlike irrational behavior than most non-religious. An entity of Malevolent power, for a Benevolent mission. A Dark Angel. The Un Reaper. Unknown Disciples of Truth.

Jay Rose the Un Reaper began operations with UDOT in 1996, and served 6 consecutive tours from 1997-2003, then 2 additional tours in 2005-2006. Trained and deployed as an enforcer, he quickly rose in rank and began directing squads & operations by 2001. During the two year gap where he wasn’t engaged in active duty on the field, he further engrossed himself in deep study in the fields of psychology, sociology, marketing, and management. Initially this study was an effort to improve and advance himself personally, but he soon found that his efforts were truly a part of a much bigger picture. The talents, creativity, and skills possessed were at a more positive benefit for society within a new scope of operation. That scope of operation is Un World Life.

Jasmine Rose. Mother, Wife, Sidekick.
ENFP – Champion. Runs ‘Charm Club’ for the Girl’s & Woman’s perspective.

Jay & Jasmine’s duty is to utilize the ‘PISE Tracker’ to analyze challenges/problems within our community-audience, develop semiotic action-items for our community-audience, and aide in the design of pragmatic solutions to the challenges/problems.

As for any challengers or opponents of The Unknown World and the attainment of PISE; we gladly challenge them to “play your hand, roll the dice, and state your case”. Consider the time & depth of the attackers study and instruction given in the field, and the corresponding time & depth of our own defense. You’ll most often find that the comparison simply doesn’t measure up, and the ensuing results are laughably staggering. Un World Life outclasses and outperforms the majority of even it’s most formidable opponents.

Music Soundtrack
Un World’s Music Soundtrack is for everyone Above the Mainstream… We bring our new style, “ParaDox” Music – Exodus:Baltimore Collection

Our “ParaDox Music” mix is a symphonic experience & blend of:

  • Southern Country/Rock
  • Dark Electronica
  • Alternative Urban/Metal

Each Piece is rooted in 4- to 8-section orchestration.

Our Works are Compared to and Inspired by:
The Logic of Franz Joseph Haydn, Nine Inch Nails & The Chemical Brothers, the Honesty & Integrity of Tim McGraw and Darius Rucker, the Emotionally powered tone of Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg, Aggressive-heavy rock of Chevelle and Papa Roach, raw Street Savvy of Jay-Z and 50 Cent, and the Ethereal Vibe of Deftones and Korn.

“Our first priority is to Serve and Help our guests & members…we break it down and truly get into the public’s opinion, as well as advice/experience, on different Lifestyle choices. It’s not so much about just the Music & Media alone, or just the Fashion & Gadgets by themselves, it’s really about the core Culture and Daily Life that these things help inspire.”

We’ve gone from Homelessness, Child Abuse, Drugs, and Gangs to being Full of Love, Happiness, and Healthy living!!!

and earning a Small Net Worth of over $2.5 MILLION

Un World (“U.D.O.T.”) are Dark, Bad Ass, Intelligently Insane, Revolutionary Leaders… the Unknown Disciples of Truth

Jay “Un Reaper” Rose and Jasmine “Charm” Rose are a husband & wife duo rocking it out.

U.D.O.T. is the pioneering band of what’s been coined “ParaDox Music”. It’s an emotional and cathartic blend, taking you on a kick ass journey, fighting for our Intellectual, Spiritual, and Emotional war.

Today is January 7, 2011… after 7 days of intense reflection, introspection, historical research, and worship of God as a family, we shall announce this as the embarkment into the next Stage of our True Life’s journey. After dedicating our lives to Service, we have made numerous sacrifices in the face of adversity and the true evils of this existence. Yet, doing exactly this has brought unmeasurable joy, wealth, and success. This is who we are, this is the source of our greatest happiness, this is how we can most effectively provide Positive Service and Light to the world. This is our Definite Purpose.

Mi Dolor es Mi Libertad. Love. Loyalty. Honor.

Jay Rose – Personality Profile(s); INT, Introversion – Intuition – Thinking; Rational/Strategic

53% INTJ

Masterminds are introspective, pragmatic, directive, and attentive. As strategists, they are better than any other type at brainstorming approaches to situations. Masterminds are capable but not eager leaders, stepping forward only when it becomes obvious to them that they are the best for the job. Strong-willed and very self-assured, they may make this decision quickly, as they tend to make all decisions. But though they are decisive, they are open to new evidence and new ideas, flexible in their planning to accommodate changing situations. They tend to excel at judging the usefulness of ideas and will apply whatever seems most efficient to them in accomplishing their clearly envisioned goals. To Masterminds, what matters is getting it done—but also learning the principles of how to get it done efficiently and well, that is, at a professional level of quality. However, they may give little thought to the personal cost of getting there, “focusing so tightly on their own pursuits [that] they can ignore the points of view and wishes of others.”

Masterminds are highly pragmatic, and they will put forth a great deal of time and effort to implement effective ideas. They are driven to solve complex problems and to create organized, decided, and executed solutions. Masterminds tend to make positive statements instead of negative ones, focusing on how to make the organization more efficient in the future rather than dwelling on past mistakes.

Masterminds are also highly theoretical, and the most open-minded of the 16 role variants. Before Masterminds adopt a theoretical notion, they insist on researching all the available data and checking the idea against reality. Masterminds are suspicious of theories based on poor research and will discard ideas that cannot be effectively implemented.

As leaders, Masterminds are skilled in contingency planning and entailment organizing, which are directive activities that tell the planner what activities to do and in what order to do them. Once in a position of power, Masterminds are known for their efficiency and willingness to adopt useful ideas.

47% INTP

Architects are introspective, pragmatic, informative, and attentive. The scientific systemization of all knowledge, or Architectonics, is highly developed in Architects, who are intensely curious and see the world as something to be understood. Their primary interest is to determine how things are structured, built, or configured. Architects are designers of theoretical systems and new technologies. Rearranging the environment to fit their design is a distant goal of Architects.

Architects are logically and verbally precise. In casual conversations, they may be tempted to point out errors the other speaker makes, with the simple goal of maintaining clarity within the exchange. In serious discussions, Architects’ abilities to detect distinctions, inconsistencies, contradictions, and frame arguments gives them an enormous advantage. In debates, Architects can sometimes be devastating, or alienate themselves from the group with overly logical arguments.

Architects tend to analyze the world in depth. They prefer to quietly work alone and they may shut other people out if they are focused on analysis. This, coupled with the fact that Architects are often quiet, makes it difficult for other individuals to get to know them. In social exchanges, Architects are more interested in informing others about what they have learned than they are interested in directing the actions of others.

Credentials or other forms of traditional authority do not impress Architects. Instead, logically coherent statements are the only things that seem to persuade them. Architects highly value intelligence, and can be impatient with people with less ability than they have. Architects often perceive themselves as being one of the few individuals capable of defining the ends a society must achieve and will often strive to find the most efficient means to accomplish their ends. This perspective can make Architects seem arrogant to others.

Jasmine Rose – Personality Profile(s); NFP, Intuition – Feeling – Perceiving; Advocate/Mediating

52% INFP

Healers are introspective, cooperative, informative, and attentive. Their tranquil and reserved exterior masks a passionate inner life. Healers care deeply about causes that interest them, and they often pursue those causes with selfless devotion. They are highly compassionate and empathetic to the needs of others, seeking to bring peace, health, and integrity to their companions and to society at large. They want to heal the problems that trouble individuals and correct the conflicts that divide social groups.

Healers tend to be private individuals who have a strong sense of right and wrong and an idealistic worldview. They are deeply committed to things that are positive or good and may be inspired to make extraordinary sacrifices in attempts to achieve their ideals. They are prone to errors of fact as they follow their feelings more than they follow logical analysis. However, following their feelings also means that Healers seldom make errors of feeling.

Healers are often misunderstood as children.

In practical minded families, their devotion to idealism may be frowned upon and may even be punished. Most other role variants can shrug off the parental expectations that don’t fit them, but Healers are greatly affected by it. They want to please their parents and their siblings and, in attempt to do this, they may mask or hide their differences. This can create inner turmoil within the Healer. Healers are often better at detecting this inner turmoil than other role variants. Healers seek unity of mind, body and spirit, perhaps because of the inner turmoil caused during their upbringing.

Healers are adaptable, patient with complicated situations, and welcoming of new ideas and information. They are impatient with routine details. As they are aware of people’s feelings, Healers relate well with others. They are also comfortable working alone given their private nature. Healers have an interest in scholarly activities and often have exceptional language skills. Occurring in only about one percent of the population, Healers can easily feel isolated. They value harmony and integrity in human relationships, but often find these values to be out of step with the more concrete pursuits of the rest of the world. Feeling “different,” they may wonder whether something is wrong with them. But those differences—an ethical nature, a devotion to ideals, a commitment to harmonious interaction—are in fact some of their greatest strengths.

Perfectionists, Healers have very high standards. Consequently, they are usually hard on themselves, and don’t give themselves enough credit. They may have problems working on a project in a group, because their standards may be higher than those of other members of the group. This can lead them to become overly controlling. Healers are often well served to balance their high ideals with the requirements of everyday living. Healers tend to be flexible, unless one of their values is violated. When their value system is threatened, Healers can become aggressive defenders of their cause, and any project or job that Healers adopt is likely to become one of their causes. Although Healers do not generally focus on specifics, they cover every possible detail with determination and vigor when working on a project that engrosses them.

Healers are often talented writers. Some may be awkward and uncomfortable expressing themselves verbally, but demonstrate a wonderful ability to define and express what they’re feeling on paper. Healers appear frequently in social service professions, such as counseling or teaching.

48% ENFP

Champions are introspective, cooperative, informative, and expressive. Champions have a strong desire to make their thoughts known to the world. When Champions speak or write, they are often hoping to use their convictions to motivate others to participate in advocacy or they hope to reveal a hidden truth about the human experience. Champions are greatly concerned with ethics and justice and have a strong desire to speak about current issues and events. They are the most inspiring and animated of the role variants.

Champions are very individualistic and they feel a need to experience significant social events. Champions consider intense emotional experiences to be vital to life and view the world as a drama. They are constantly seeking to learn about everything that has to do with advancement of good and the retreat of evil in the world.

Champions are keen observers of the people around them. They have exceptional intuitive abilities and are capable of intensely concentrating on a particular individual. Champions are often able to read hidden emotions and to place significance on the actions of others. Champions are constantly scanning their social environment and intriguing characters are not likely to escape their attention. Their attention is usually active rather than passive. Champions are sensitive and alert to what is possible.

Champions are warm, energetic, spontaneous, positive, exuberant and dramatic. Other individuals usually find these personality qualities to be attractive and often want to be in the company of Champions. Champions usually have good people skills and get along well with their colleagues.

Champions are slow to excitement but quick to become enthusiastic; especially in regards to social or humanitarian causes. Many champions project their intuitive and perceptive abilities out into the world and are constantly wondering about future possibilities that can improve themselves, others, or situations. This can get champions into trouble if they do not express this to others correctly; or if others or groups take suggestions from champions as criticism or as the champion telling them what to do, instead of viewing it as the offering of an idea. This can confuse champions who have not yet realized that some people do not like change, or that some people can perceive this offering of advice in regards to change as the identification of a defect. This is because champions who are not at odds with themselves typically like to improve upon themselves and their situations as new information becomes available.

Temperament/Personality Profiles sourced from Keirsey

Our Mission

To Build & Maintain Legacy Wealth in the Physical, Intellectual, Spiritual, and Emotional aspects of Life for the ‘Unknown World’. The ‘Unknown World’, is the Global Community disrupted or misplaced due to family, financial, social, health, or societal issues. The World, which is generally left behind, un-represented, mis-represented, and “unknown” as far as our destinies are concerned. We provide Economic Empowerment and Social Development via Arts, Media, and Culture. Media Mentorship and Community is our cause.

Our Mantra

Un World exists not for the people who see the glass half-empty,
not for the people who see the glass half-full,
but for those of us who Question “WHY isn’t my glass 100% full in the first place?”

You Report. We Patrol.

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