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Invasion of The Gas Grinch

Gas Grinch

Extra! Extra! Gas Grinch Tries To Steal Christmas! Physical: Not cool at all! More money out of my pocket means less to invest back into my family! Intellectual: Not smart to gas consumers for cash so close to holiday time! This might curb travel plans and separate long distance families even more Spirtual: Does NOT […]

Well Worth the Wait

Lunar Eclipse

“Delayed Gratification: Some Things Are Worth The Wait!” Ahhh…the price paid for a sleepless night…well worth the wait! But might I add–there is a time and place for fluffy clouds. This ain’t the time… Nor the place. Physical-The frigid temps only dampened the party a little Intellectual-Helps foster interactive learning for the whole family. That […]

Great Way to Energize Your Morning Wake-Up

Sense and Sensibility There is no room in my life for waking up on the wrong side of the bed, let alone sleeping in to catch a few extra ZZZZs. I can start every day off as if its the first day of spring, sweet smelling lilacs are blossoming outside of my open window, as […]

Why is the Redskins’ McNabb benched? And the next option is Rex Grossman?

This move by Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan leaves me dumbfounded. Not only is McNabb a solid QB for the franchise, but no one can argue that he would be a welcome 1st or 2nd stringer on ANY team in the NFL. To flat out relegate the guy to 3rd string, yeah the BENCH, is […]

School Children Injured in Unemployed Maniac’s Stabbing Rampage

“Television images showed pools of blood on the bus floor and a large area outside the train station…” Jay: Ok, so I’m on patrol and here’s this story about a 27 year old Japanese man, going apesh*t on a bus, stabbing schoolchildren with a kitchen knife. Jasmine: Not cool. Not cool at all. School children? […]

Ho Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum

Stripper Mobile

Okay. I understand the charity aspect. But the public display of demoralization? I’m not too sold on that part of the deal. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think I want my daughter associating the holidays with strip-o-grams! Powered by Mochila

Destination: Imagination


Nothing beats an old fashioned dollhouse. Well, maybe an updated home complete with an elevator and family pets! Now, if only my daughter would enjoy keeping her room as meticulously organized, we would be in business! Click here to purchase tickets to imagination!

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

womens winter coat

I have learned the hard way that just because a coat looks good, doesn’t mean that it’s worth betting my warmth on. Of course, when I’m trying it on in the balmy store in the middle of August, it feels comfortable and thick enough to make the toe numbing winter seem bearable. It’s a whole […]

Stay Ahead of the Procrastinators

Turbo Tax

Now that I am significantly stuffed from Thanksgiving and shopped out from Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I may want to focus on getting back to business. Okay okay, I’ll get it done after I’ve taken down the Christmas decorations. At least I’ve bought the software already. Now, just to get it done. This investment […]

Stomp Your Way to Family Fun

Stomple Board Game

This is one of those impulse buys that I didn’t feel guilty about this season. (Unlike that marshmallow making kit) What better way to spend Christmas eve than in a competitive family board game that distracts the kids from the the lit up Christmas tree and begging to open “just one gift”. Although, I must […]

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