Jobless but Trying [case#J02]

Source: Forbes Challenge/Report: Early-30s, college grad who can’t find any consistent jobs. He’s fallen behind on bills and is trying to help his girlfriend with their 2 year old child. Jay Rose The Un Reaper (Loc: Office @ Un World) We just got a report in on an early-30s, college grad who can’t find any […]

Whip My Hair Ice Skating Performance – Amazing 9 Year Old

Physical: Starr Andrews is a BEAST! And who said today’s kids don’t get enough physical activity? She should be in the running for the cover of a Wheaties box in a few more years. Intellectual: Smart move starting out young, hopefully SHE has more passion for the ice than her parents do though. This should […]

Shed The Pounds In Style

Shape Up For the New Year! Physical: What’s the best way to get over guilt of overindulgence-exercise! Intellectual: Smart way to trick myself into working out-do it while running errands-literally! Spirtual: Feels good to stick to my new years resolution- for once Emotional: Everyone will think I spent months in the gym! Skechers Shape-ups Women’s […]

Taylor Swift – Back to December

Once again, Taylor Swift has created music that is just pure “joy” (for lack of a better word, it just sums it all up). From the melody of the rhythm guitar & strings, right down to Swift’s cadence, this song Back to December is just flat out GREAT. Physical: Beyond meets expectations. Taylor Swift has […]

Invasion of The Gas Grinch

Gas Grinch

Extra! Extra! Gas Grinch Tries To Steal Christmas! Physical: Not cool at all! More money out of my pocket means less to invest back into my family! Intellectual: Not smart to gas consumers for cash so close to holiday time! This might curb travel plans and separate long distance families even more Spirtual: Does NOT […]

Well Worth the Wait

Lunar Eclipse

“Delayed Gratification: Some Things Are Worth The Wait!” Ahhh…the price paid for a sleepless night…well worth the wait! But might I add–there is a time and place for fluffy clouds. This ain’t the time… Nor the place. Physical-The frigid temps only dampened the party a little Intellectual-Helps foster interactive learning for the whole family. That […]

Great Way to Energize Your Morning Wake-Up

Sense and Sensibility There is no room in my life for waking up on the wrong side of the bed, let alone sleeping in to catch a few extra ZZZZs. I can start every day off as if its the first day of spring, sweet smelling lilacs are blossoming outside of my open window, as […]

Why is the Redskins’ McNabb benched? And the next option is Rex Grossman?

This move by Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan leaves me dumbfounded. Not only is McNabb a solid QB for the franchise, but no one can argue that he would be a welcome 1st or 2nd stringer on ANY team in the NFL. To flat out relegate the guy to 3rd string, yeah the BENCH, is […]

School Children Injured in Unemployed Maniac’s Stabbing Rampage

“Television images showed pools of blood on the bus floor and a large area outside the train station…” Jay: Ok, so I’m on patrol and here’s this story about a 27 year old Japanese man, going apesh*t on a bus, stabbing schoolchildren with a kitchen knife. Jasmine: Not cool. Not cool at all. School children? […]

Ho Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum

Stripper Mobile

Okay. I understand the charity aspect. But the public display of demoralization? I’m not too sold on that part of the deal. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think I want my daughter associating the holidays with strip-o-grams! Powered by Mochila

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