Finally! Moving Comfort, A Bra that Moves With You

Moving Comfort - Women's Maia Bra

FIT. STYLE. COMFORT. What would I do without a bra that moves with me instead of digging into my sides uncomfortably as I jog, or straps sliding off of my shoulder due to a weird fit? No longer will I fear being squished or flattened by a bra that is supposed to be my size! […]

Is the Dickies – Men’s Hooded Shirt Jacket a Good buy?

Dickies - Men's Hooded Shirt Jacket

Death…Taxes…Dickies I love the fact that this jacket keeps my husband warm, but is also comfortable for me to steal when he’s not looking. (Loose fit, but not unnecessarily baggy) Gifts that I can use for myself as well as intended receiver always work for me. Check out the Dickies – Men’s Hooded Shirt Jacket […]

1 in 6 Auto Deaths due to Cell Phone Use

texting driving - un world life

Yeah guys, this is a serious problem on the road today. Nothing is “too important” that you can’t wait until you get there. Powered by Mochila

Sesame Street – Katy Perry’s cleavage gets her the boot

katy perry elmo sesame street - un world life

…I guess this was meant to be a “cute” little mini-porn adventure, chasing Elmo through the streets of Sesame Land… Now, under normal circumstances, I don’t really find her outfit to be that big of a deal. Under normal circumstances Katy Perry with her boobs hanging out would NOT be placed front & center for […]

Mark Zuckerberg on Forbes – #35

zuckerberg on forbes - un world life

Kudos to innovation & creativity Ahhh, Mr. Zuckerberg is climbing the Forbes list. Kudos to innovation & creativity, mixed with a little good ol’ free enterprise. Glad to see our fellow man create something useful and be rewarded for doing so. Zucks’ immense wealth is primarily from his stock in Facebook, boasting 500 million users. […]

Still pushing through the image issues

Image491 copy

Well, here we go with another shot. Hopefully this time around we knock it in.

Should be back in action tonight

Well, we ran into a few coding issues with all the pictures on the site. This comes as a shock, after EVERYTHING was working not even 24 hours ago. I’m here digging again, trying to close out this last hiccup. Once the issue of broken images on the site has been fixed, we’re officially back […]

Gulf Oil Spill, No End Until…August!?!

Gulf Oil Spill

Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Adm. Mike Mullen “…a decision on the military leading the response would come from the president.” August is the new deadline for a solution, really… August? So Obama & Friends are supposed to represent the Environmentalist Rage of this country, and they can’t even pretend to care. This would be […]

Girls Coat with a Fur Trim

Big Chill_Girls Micro Fiber With Fur Trim

So this winter coat caught my eye today. Mainly because it’s getting cold as hell outside, or rather, cold as Antarctica (hell actually isn’t cold at all). Other reason is because our daughter is starting to outgrow her winter clothes. So, off we go to try and find something that she would like, and along […]

Watch that brings your gym to your, umm… wrist

garmin forerunner 405cx gps sport watch

This is definitely a good look if you want to get the same data you get at your gym, conveniently in a wristwatch. This is perfect for your daily jog (and yes, you SHOULD be jogging daily! LOL)

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