Destination: Imagination


Nothing beats an old fashioned dollhouse. Well, maybe an updated home complete with an elevator and family pets! Now, if only my daughter would enjoy keeping her room as meticulously organized, we would be in business! Click here to purchase tickets to imagination!

Stomp Your Way to Family Fun

Stomple Board Game

This is one of those impulse buys that I didn’t feel guilty about this season. (Unlike that marshmallow making kit) What better way to spend Christmas eve than in a competitive family board game that distracts the kids from the the lit up Christmas tree and begging to open “just one gift”. Although, I must […]

How to get your Kids Moving and Entertained

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Mom: To work, or not to work, THAT is the question

Rockie Vara: All this women working, women rights crap, pssshhh! Who’s raising the kids? Steven Vara: dude, you’re only 16 and without a family of your own Rockie: women shouldn’t be doing anything but staying home & watching the kids Steven: you know, a woman’s happiness might not be tied into just ONE factor such […]

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