Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

womens winter coat

I have learned the hard way that just because a coat looks good, doesn’t mean that it’s worth betting my warmth on. Of course, when I’m trying it on in the balmy store in the middle of August, it feels comfortable and thick enough to make the toe numbing winter seem bearable. It’s a whole […]

A Bear-y Comfy Holiday To You

Comfy Bear Slippers

My dogs seemed to have claimed my slippers as their own personal pillows so, after a peaceful surrender, I ended up buying another pair. I like the fact that they don’t wear down or start to fall apart, even after a year of traipsing through seas of disregarded toys and even being the object of […]

Finally! Moving Comfort, A Bra that Moves With You

Moving Comfort - Women's Maia Bra

FIT. STYLE. COMFORT. What would I do without a bra that moves with me instead of digging into my sides uncomfortably as I jog, or straps sliding off of my shoulder due to a weird fit? No longer will I fear being squished or flattened by a bra that is supposed to be my size! […]

Is the Dickies – Men’s Hooded Shirt Jacket a Good buy?

Dickies - Men's Hooded Shirt Jacket

Death…Taxes…Dickies I love the fact that this jacket keeps my husband warm, but is also comfortable for me to steal when he’s not looking. (Loose fit, but not unnecessarily baggy) Gifts that I can use for myself as well as intended receiver always work for me. Check out the Dickies – Men’s Hooded Shirt Jacket […]

Cool Winter boots, take the gamble?

BE Sexy Quilted Wedge Boot

These are a pretty trendy item right here heading into the winter season. We’ll get more in depth some time later. Pros: Well, they’re all cool looking and stuff. Cons: They have the possibility of ending up being one of those “super fads” that die out halfway through the season, lol. And THAT would really […]

Girls Coat with a Fur Trim

Big Chill_Girls Micro Fiber With Fur Trim

So this winter coat caught my eye today. Mainly because it’s getting cold as hell outside, or rather, cold as Antarctica (hell actually isn’t cold at all). Other reason is because our daughter is starting to outgrow her winter clothes. So, off we go to try and find something that she would like, and along […]

Ready for a Marathon? Check out these tips

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Holiday Sorrow


Analysis/Discussion: “The madness, rage, and lashing out of people simply for the sake of buying shyt, has reached a shameful high point…So, Merry Christmas little Timmy, that new DVD we got you is extra special this year. We had to kill a man to get it for you!” Black Friday was extra grim in 2008 […]

StrongSexy Woman


Every strong woman needs a break from work—a wind down after a long, hard day. With the help of these products—she can do just that, and keep it and strong and sexy.

Diabetes…it’s serious, so Manage It Right!


Mayor Rob Kurt: …I understand Mom, but you really need to stay on top of it. Mom (on phone): Sweetie, Don’t worry I miss insulin doses all the time and I feel just fine Mayor Rob Kurt: And that’s what I’m afraid of. You feel fine NOW, but what happens when it all catches up […]

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