Pre-Dementia? Damnit, I thought senility was a later phase of life


Source: Dr. Ronald Petersen on CBS News Analysis/Discussion: Jeez, it’s truly amazing that there is now an ailment called “Pre-Dementia”. It’s described as forgetfulness, frequently misplacing items, and frequently forgetting appointments and other details. The age of onset of “pre-dementia” is when people are in their 70s-80s. Ummm… I always thought that was called GETTING […]

The Joys of Parenthood and Flying


Source: HybridMom, 07 Jul 2008, By Tom and Cynthia Papa, Analysis/Discussion: Well, in terms of traveling with our family, we’ve decided not to travel until our kids are OLDER. Good grief! This store is hilarious yet rings a bell if you have kids. We recently took a road trip to Virginia not too long ago, […]

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