Shed The Pounds In Style

Shape Up For the New Year! Physical: What’s the best way to get over guilt of overindulgence-exercise! Intellectual: Smart way to trick myself into working out-do it while running errands-literally! Spirtual: Feels good to stick to my new years resolution- for once Emotional: Everyone will think I spent months in the gym! Skechers Shape-ups Women’s […]

1 in 6 Auto Deaths due to Cell Phone Use

texting driving - un world life

Yeah guys, this is a serious problem on the road today. Nothing is “too important” that you can’t wait until you get there. Powered by Mochila

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Full membership content. Also placed in the Health & Home section.

Why is Denmark the ‘Happiest’ Country in the World?

Types of Wealth gained in this post ” Researchers at the University of Michigan said Denmark’s prosperity, stability and democratic government placed the country at the top of the rankings, with Colombia, Canada, Puerto Rico and Iceland all in the top 10. The United States — the world’s richest nation — ranked 16th among 97 […]

3 Reasons Why You Need “Better” Education

Types of Wealth gained in this post Wow, it seems that the education system is troubled yet again. Check out these quotes: “Good-paying jobs go where the work force is,” he said. “And that doesn’t have to be in the U.S.”… “Twelfth grade is no longer the finish line if we want to be internationally […]

How to Re-Gain Self with Job Loss and Unemployment

Types of Wealth gained in this post Being overly distraught and upset about job loss in your life, is much like being distraught over the man “fishing for you”, who is pulling out your training wheels and FORCING you to go “fish for yourself”. It IS a scary thing trying to fish for yourself. It […]

Spirituality vs. Religion

Types of Wealth gained in this post If Religion is a fast food burger, Spirituality is a chicken caesar salad… Religion is like a delicious, juicy cheeseburger from a local fast food joint. Appetizing, yes. Filling? Perhaps. But is it really as good for you as it appears? For some, the answer is yes. If […]

2-Step Process: Should we use our own decisions? or those of others?

Types of Wealth gained in this post “…I am prone to allowing my altruism and helping nature to screw me over. My life is riddled with examples of “doing things” just to please everyone BUT myself…” There are many times in life where we tend to have this “gut feeling” or intuition creep in. More […]

Wow…a Purple, Cancer Fighting Tomato?

Analysis/Discussion: Okay…so what you’re telling me is that scientists have genetically engineered a freakin “Cancer Tomato”? I’m sure that this would be a seemingly great thing, if there weren’t the likely 101 side effects listed on the box. It seems pretty strange that something as simple as a Tomato, can be manipulated by humans to […]

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