Jobless but Trying [case#J02]

Source: Forbes Challenge/Report: Early-30s, college grad who can’t find any consistent jobs. He’s fallen behind on bills and is trying to help his girlfriend with their 2 year old child. Jay Rose The Un Reaper (Loc: Office @ Un World) We just got a report in on an early-30s, college grad who can’t find any […]

Invasion of The Gas Grinch

Gas Grinch

Extra! Extra! Gas Grinch Tries To Steal Christmas! Physical: Not cool at all! More money out of my pocket means less to invest back into my family! Intellectual: Not smart to gas consumers for cash so close to holiday time! This might curb travel plans and separate long distance families even more Spirtual: Does NOT […]

School Children Injured in Unemployed Maniac’s Stabbing Rampage

“Television images showed pools of blood on the bus floor and a large area outside the train station…” Jay: Ok, so I’m on patrol and here’s this story about a 27 year old Japanese man, going apesh*t on a bus, stabbing schoolchildren with a kitchen knife. Jasmine: Not cool. Not cool at all. School children? […]

Mark Zuckerberg on Forbes – #35

Kudos to innovation & creativity Ahhh, Mr. Zuckerberg is climbing the Forbes list. Kudos to innovation & creativity, mixed with a little good ol’ free enterprise. Glad to see our fellow man create something useful and be rewarded for doing so. Zucks’ immense wealth is primarily from his stock in Facebook, boasting 500 million users. […]

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Gulf Oil Spill, No End Until…August!?!

Gulf Oil Spill

Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Adm. Mike Mullen “…a decision on the military leading the response would come from the president.” August is the new deadline for a solution, really… August? So Obama & Friends are supposed to represent the Environmentalist Rage of this country, and they can’t even pretend to care. This would be […]

NFL and Goodell’s newest talks

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U.S. Infrastructure Fails on Report Card, Can’t Support Economy

Types of Wealth gained in this post Ummm, DRINKING WATER GOT A D-!!! Are you serious? I thought this was the world’s leading nation we’re talking about. Schools are at a “D”, as well as Wastewater. Well, I guess that explains the correlation between a clean environment and intelligent young people, lol. The American Society […]

Serena Williams Co-Founds MISSION Skincare, this Benefits Charity

Types of Wealth gained in this post This is another great example of ‘Business With A Purpose’ greater than solely profit. MISSION Skincare (TM) has just landed Serena Williams as a Co-Founder of the new skincare line. Normally I could care less about another new product for people to “just go buy”, but MISSION really […]

Credit is still Frozen, experts say at least until 2010

Analysis/Discussion: This is a really tough situation for most typical Americans. “Credit Freeze” in other words means “life freeze” in your average household. Why you ask? Simply because the U.S. is run not by cash, but by credit. Many households live their lives in consistent debt, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing outright, IF that […]

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