Un World Life: Mainstream Revolution

© 2009 Un World Entertainment


For those Disgusted or Left Out by the Mainstream. Un World is led by Jamal “the Un Reaper” Rose, to kick ass in the revolution of mainstream culture. Un Reaper is a Dark, Bad Ass, Intelligently Insane, Revolutionary Leader… an Unknown Disciple of Truth. The story is told from a Documentary perspective, based around the daily activities of the revolution, which include Live On-Air talk shows, social media activism, live video chats, and much more. Where there’s a mandate of physical non-violence, there’s an explosion of war in the intellectual, spiritual, and emotional aspects of this battle. This is RockTivism!

The Mission of Un World, is to build & maintain Legacy Wealth in the Physical, Intellectual, Spiritual, and Emotional dimensions of the human experience. This is primarily done via Creative & Social Arts. There’s an endless tap of protest music, media analysis, cathartic compositions, angry talk show features, dynamic debates, and explosive arguments, all that have enough points of view to make this a full fledged brawl. Un Reaper, leads the pack to fight for the Rights and Freedoms of the ‘Unknowns’.

The Cast of the Documentary/RockTivism is made up of Un World Officers, Non-Commissioned Allies, Media Personnel, Ideological Opponents, and of course, The General Mass Public. The General Public serves as either Officers or Opponents on different issues and debates, simply by Submitting creative content/ideas, Voting in polls, engaging in Social Networking, or Commenting on current media.

Each week, a new batch of “Suspects/Interests” are added into the mix. At the end of the week, there’s a new crowning of Un World’s Most Wanted, Best & Worst PISE. The audience and officers engage in voting, commenting, and On-Air discussion throughout the week, which influences the final standings.

Un World Life: Mainstream Revolution, walks you through human compassion, craziness, and pure chaos, on it’s way to Serving the Rights & Freedoms of the People.

* Note: Cast can either be: 1) On-Air Cast, 2) Pseudonym-Fictional Cast (Live-animated with CodeName), or 3) Anonymous On-Air Cast (Pseudo-animated with CodeName)

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